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Crimean agricultural producers sound the alarm because of the possible arrival of Chinese investors on the lands of the north-eastern part of the peninsula. They are concerned not only about unequal competition, but about the uncontrolled use of pesticides by Chinese people and the low quality of products in which dyes are introduced for faster ripening and giving a presentation.

They started to worry about this because of the videos published by Oleg Kocherov, a pro-Russian activist and blogger, “Krim.Realii” reports. In these videos, Chinese investors are presumably building greenhouses.

According to Ilya Bolshedvorov, the chairman of the Crimean Anti-Corruption Committee and the organizer of the “Defrauded Crimea,” such agricultural projects cannot be called full-value investments, as well as what the Chinese build from improvised materials, can not be called real greenhouses.

Obviously, exactly these Chinese investment projects were discussed in January, after the meeting of Andrei Ryumshin, head of the Kremlin-controlled Agriculture Ministry of Crimea with Chinese investors. Then it was stated that the Chinese are ready to invest 600 million rubles in the cultivation of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, melons, watermelons, berries in Crimea  (277 million UAH, – Ed).

According to Bolshedvorov, the protests of local residents in the Nizhnegorsk district of the Crimea forced the Chinese to dismantle their greenhouses. In other areas, protests continue, but so far have not led to any results due to low activity.

According to Fedor Rybalko, the head of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association, the Chinese themselves do not trust the products made by their compatriots, and because of that, they are willing to pay a higher price for shipping by air and therefore they have an increase in imports.

As for the Crimean farmers, the expert believes that they have no cause for concern: they have decades of experience in these climatic conditions and a proven sales base. Although Bolshedvorov claims that because of the unstable crossing, Russian wholesale buyers are unwilling to buy Crimean agricultural products, and the competition of the Chinese in this regard can still harm local agricultural producers.

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