Mill Lionaire Director Of The Mill Stole Products For 25 Million Uah And Disappeared

Last week, workers of the State Enterprise “Poltava Bread Products Plant” blocked the road with a demand to pay them a four-month wage arrear and appoint a new director, “Poltavshchina” informs.

In the department of agro-industrial development, the Poltava Regional State Administration calculated that, taking into account not only wages but also electricity, gas, and water, the company’s debt is about 1 million UAH.

Moreover, in April an audit was carried out at the enterprise, which found out that 25 million UAH was stolen from storage facilities. Of the necessary 3,778 thousand tons of wheat and 374 tons of flour, which should be stored there, only 197 tons of wheat and 50 tons of flour remained.

According to the workers, the grain was transported from the South Railway Station in Poltava under the leadership of the former director of the plant, Gleb Ulyanenko. When the raw materials became scarce in December, the plant stopped working. On the complaints of employees, the director said that their business is to receive wages, and where the grain is transported, they should not be bothered. In April, he disappeared.

On this fact, criminal proceedings were opened (art. 139 part 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Assignment, embezzlement or seizure of property by abuse of power”) and a pre-trial investigation is underway. The court also gave permission to arrest the plant’s assets.

At the Poltava Combine of Bread Products, other enterprises lease grain for processing and storage. Therefore, from theft on it, the Poltava Bakery Complex LLC, more commonly known as Kulinichi, lost most of the rest. He sued the court with a demand to recover from the plant 15 million UAH.

If the relevant measures are not taken by the ministry, the plant will be declared bankrupt and put up for sale, and Kulinichi, as its largest creditor, will have the primary right to purchase it.

Gleb Ulyanenko worked as the head of OOO Kobelyaki-Khleboprodukt and was convicted of having taken a loan in 2006 in the amount of UAH 210 thousand at the expense of the plant from the owner of Kernel, and used the money to buy an apartment. In 2012, the Kobelyatsky District Court assigned him a fine and banned him from holding administrative posts for two years. At the same time on the “Kobelyaki-Khleboprodukt” on the application “Kernel-Trade” opened a case of bankruptcy.

In 2015, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine appoints Ulyanenko acting. director of the Poltava combine of bread products. At the end of 2017, the contract ended with him, but he continued to work. From that moment, according to the workers, Ulyanenko began to steal products.