Freezing With Fear Poland Fears Of Competition With Ukrainian Frozen Berries

Processing companies in Poland are concerned about the reduced demand for frozen berries due to competition with similar products of Ukrainian origin. This was reported by Dariusz Vojchak, coordinator of fruit purchases in the company “LST-Polska”, reports.

Most of the berry plantations in Poland are now in satisfactory condition, although some of the producers complain of drought. However, the season began quickly and promises a significant increase in comparison with the previous season of the offer of Polish berries, both for consumers and for processing enterprises.

Despite this, according to Vojchak, this year Polish manufacturers suffered two serious problems. One of them is the shortage of seasonal workers, because of which not only producers suffer, but also processors who can not count on a stable workload of the enterprise. The other is a serious competition from Ukrainian processing companies, which may cast doubt on the profitability of frozen berries production in Poland.

“Polish processors are increasingly buying Ukrainian raw materials. And it can affect on prices for the Polish berry. We believe that prices will fall on all kinds of soft berries, and most of all – on raspberries”, says Vojchak.

According to the report, in this season, Polish companies offer for Ukrainian frozen strawberries an average price of 40% lower than last year. For frozen berries with tails, they are ready to pay € 0,8-0,9 kg, without tails – € 1,15-1,25 per kg.

According to Ukrainian processors, such prices are too low. Thus, Polish companies are only exploring the Ukrainian market. Real prices for our frozen berries will be formed in 7-10 days, with the appearance of a larger supply of raw materials on the market.

LST-Polska is one of the largest producers and distributors of frozen berries in Poland. Its production facilities are located in Belzhytse (30 km from Lublin), where fresh berries are concentrated.