The blueberry market in Ukraine is not threatened with a price collapse. This opinion was expressed at the international conference by Taras Bashtannik, the head of the Ukrainian Berry LLC, writes Info-Shuvar.

The specialist explains that unlike the strawberry and raspberry market, blueberry producers do not have a major competitor – a population that grows large quantities of berries and does not consider the cost price.

And most importantly, the demand for Ukrainian blueberries is growing faster than its production, although the area under this berry in the country has significantly increased in recent years.

The expert noted that many businessmen are interested in blueberries, but among them there are a lot of so-called “situational” producers who invest in production projects without careful study of technological issues such as soil preparation and selection of certain varieties and this negatively affects the quality of the berries.

Such projects are doomed, he says, because the business of growing blueberries provides for export, and it is impossible to export low-quality blueberry, it will be difficult to sell expensive in the domestic market.

“Blueberry marketing issues should be solved at the stage of the idea of investing in a berry project. A well-developed marketing overcomes several serious problems inherent in the berry industry. For example, in order to provide yourself with workers, you need to pay them as much as Poland pays, and for this, you need to sell blueberries expensive, at least not cheaper than Poland”, says Bashtannik.

Also, the expert added that today in the production of blueberries there is no alternative to manual labor. To pick blueberries by machines you can only for the further procession, and such a berry is relatively cheap. Expensive blueberries are sold in the fresh market, and it is picked all over the world only by hand.

We recall that recently blueberries have become the main trend in the global berry market and show the most dynamic pace of development. Annual production of blueberries grows by 10%.