Black Sea Half Of The Berry Plantations In Ukraine Planted With Currants

Half of the berry plantations, planted by Ukrainian agricultural enterprises, account for the currant. This is evidenced by official data of state statistics. According to unofficial data, currant plantations account for 40% of all areas, says Liliana Dmitrieva, director of the “Brusviana” fruit tree nursery.

In second place after the currant – strawberries garden. It accounts for 20-24% of berry plantations according to different estimates.

The third is raspberry (13-14%). And the fourth position went to the popularity of blueberries (13%).

“But the private statistics counted about 24% of the total area under this berry in farms engaged in barley professionally”, – quotes Dmitrieva agrotimes.

In addition, the expert notes that in Ukraine now massively increase plantations of sea-buckthorn, honeysuckle and wild strawberry forest. Moreover, the popularity of sea-buckthorn is also spoken in Ukrsadprom. Recently, industrial plantations of this berry began to appear in Ukraine. And it is not surprising – investments in the cultivation of sea-buckthorn are returned for 4 years.

Recall, currant was a favorite among gardeners in 2010-2013. Then they actively planted industrial plantations of this berry. However, at the same time, many nonprofessionals went into business, which were subsequently disappointed with their results.

Smorodinov expansion took place without proper preparation of the soil, often without qualified personnel, with non-compliance with agrotechnology and unprepared infrastructure.

Since that time part of the plantations has been uprooted. But in 2019 the fashion for the currant will return again, experts expect.