“Eridon” and “Eurosem” got the go-ahead for the acquisition of companies belonging to the Danish group “Atlantic Agro Holdings ApS”, the AMCU reports.

“Eridon” now has the opportunity to acquire a share of the authorized capital of the enterprise Antlantik Farms (Mironovka, Kiev region) of the above group, which gives Eridon more than 50% of the votes in this enterprise.

And Eurosem can acquire a share in the authorized capital of Antlantik Farms II (Drabov, Cherkasy region). Eurosem will receive more than 50% of the vote in the company’s highest management body.

“Eridon” and “Eurosem” are included in the group of companies “Eridon”. The group is engaged in providing the entire range of services for agricultural production (seeds, fertilizers, machinery, equipment, engineering, etc.), and also has a robotic farm, a seed plant, and 5 agro-industrial enterprises.

The company “Eridon” in this structure specializes in the supply of plant protection products, seeds of field crops and fertilizers.

“Atlantic Farms” and “Atlantic Farms II” in the structure of “Atlantic Agro Holdings ApS” were responsible for the crop and livestock sector.

“Atlantic Farms” rents for cereals and industrial crops about 3000 hectares of arable land in the villages of Alexandrovka, Makedony and Viktorivka of Mironovsky district of the Kiev region.

“Atlantic Farms II”, apart from plant growing, is engaged in the fattening of cattle and is known as one of the producers of marbled beef.