Strawberry Dreams Ukraine Will Gather 30 More Berries But They Will Not Be Cheap

Ukrainian gardeners in 2018 are expecting an increase in the yield of grain, stone, berry and grassland crops to 400-500 thousand tons, while last year the gross tax was 382 thousand tons. Such predictions at the press conference were shared by Dmytro Krochko, head of the Ukrsadprom Association, Dmitry Krochko, Ukrinform reported.

“In case of favorable weather conditions, the gross harvest of fruit and berry crops will be 10-30% higher than in 2017,” Kroshka notes, adding that weather conditions will be decisive.

He also added that drastic warming caused rapid flowering: 5-10 days instead of standard 2-3 weeks, and temperature drops will cause drought and hail.

On the other hand, Liliana Dmitrieva, director of the “Brusvyana” fruit nursery, added that in 2015-17, there was a boom in berry plantations, and in 2018 they will begin to grow fruitfully.

“A good price for berries in 2015 and subsequent years has created a boom of raspberries and blueberries. Now they come into fruiting and can give an increase in gross collection within 10-30%. However, they are harmful to flower crops, and plant protection products have risen by a third, sometimes hail damages landings, so the price forecast is not easy. There will be more berries, but they won`t be cheap, “- shared Dmitrieva.

By the way, Ukraine provides 25% of Eastern European soft berries (strawberries, currants, raspberries) and 10% of hard berries (cherries, cherries), but almost does not export these products: our country’s share of soft berries exports is 6%, and solids – only 3%.