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The FDA is perhaps the only agency that often “horrifies” suppliers in the States. However, on its website, there is almost complete information on this organization, and in many languages, including Russian.

The FDA website has a hotline phone, an e-mail address, on which they really respond. We checked it! However, we were lucky: our “native” was very active. He almost “made them sick of him”, so the FDA gave him a personal manager. Moreover, they have never met each other, they only communicated sometimes by Skype and email.

So, we forwarded all the information about ourselves to the FDA very quickly.  The whole process took a month and a half. As a result, we received a primary accreditation – that is, on the site of the organization we got a separate account. We were recognized as a supplier, we appeared on the world map.

A priori, we have permission to import our goods into the territory of the United States, if it does not contradict other federal laws or any particular state where we import our product.


In the menu, you can remove or add goods, change their quality, exchange documents. Now we can import our products into the US without consultants and lawyers. They would not have done this work for us.

Cold calculation

There are different reasons why we did it. We consider our product to be unique, but certainly not because it is spirulina. By itself, it is an ancient product.

Compare how 600 years ago, Indians were growing and collecting spirulina and how we are doing it now, in a controlled environment. Now we are going to launch a new production unit, which will grow to 3 tons of spirulina per month. Today we grow it 216 kg.

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Americans are passionate about healthy nutrition – they are trying to lose weight. A spirulina is one of the most studied superfoods. It is recommended by WHO as an additive to nutrition.

For Ukraine, our product is strange, because here sausages and smoked products are best to sell. This is another reason why we are not interested in the Ukrainian market.

For example, the Japanese eat spirulina regularly, believing that it prolongs their life, despite Hiroshima, Nagasaki and other tragedies. This is a natural antidote.

20 g of our spirulina contain as much beta-carotene as 1 kg of carrots. By the way, 20 g of our product, or one bag, is also half the daily norm of spirulina, to free the human body from toxins in the gassy city.


Usually, spirulina, which is sold in Ukraine, is dried Chinese. Before transportation, it is treated with special solvents. When dried and fermented, it loses up to 60% of its useful qualities. We produce frozen spirulina, that looses no more than 3% of its useful qualities.

Next we had to figure out how to deliver the frozen product. We have developed our own cold cells, created from edible materials, which keep the temperature from -5 ° C to -25 ° C.

We can deliver spirulina simply by mail with the cold cells in the box. It is enough to unpack it and put the bags in a home freezer.


This box reaches America very well. In addition, we have established additional business – the production of cold cells, which we offer, for example, to pharmacies. In short, they can be used to send any frozen products, for example, dumplings.


Spirulina can be taken at any age. In children, it stimulates the development of the brain and internal organs.

Slaves instead of robots

Today, according to our plan, without which nothing would have happened, we are actively moving to foreign markets. By the end of the year we will have a large production, and today we must start to prepare our customers so that they can buy this spirulina by the end of the year.


We always start any action with an anticipation, but without chaotic movements. So, today we already have a number of recommendations for those who are entering the foreign market for the first time.

At first, it may seem that a strategy development is something terrible and long. But this is just an understanding of what you want and where you move. Moreover, this can be both in the form of documents or in the form of unwritten rules.


You need to find your “hook”. Ukraine is the largest producer of sunflower oil in the world and the largest exporter of corn. But growing Asia will still make oil, corn, and grain cheaper or find substitutes for them.

Ukrainian major commodities producers will survive only in the case of two scenarios – if instead of people they will have robots working, or if slaves work instead of robots. In order to make the product become cheaper. The price of a mass product will inevitably fall.

The lands are plowed, the areas of land that are diverted to agricultural crops in third world countries are growing. And Ukraine will compete either in robots or in slaves. To me, such competition is not interesting. It is better to make the final product.

Sea Cabbage How To Get American Dollars For Ukrainian Agae Part 2Vadim Kirichko, director of Food Factory Company