Exports of Ukrainian chicken in January-February 2018 increased by 40% and amounted to 44.45 thousand tons, which is $ 68.8 thousand of foreign exchange earnings. The main importers were the Netherlands ($ 16.4 thousand), Iraq ($ 9.8 thousand) and Slovakia ($ 9 thousand), according to UNN referring to the State Statistics Service and the State Fiscal Service.

According to expert Pavel Moroz, referring to the information of FAO, due to the fact that the prices for chicken meat in the world increased by 25%, it is now more profitable to export it than sell on the domestic market. But this does not mean that there will be a shortage of poultry on the Ukrainian market – the demand of Ukrainian consumers is completely covered by producers. Moreover, the data of the inflation barometer say that they were able to reduce selling prices by 5.5% in early March.

The expert believes that the reasons for this were the stabilization of the national currency and the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, adopted in February and fixing types of subsidized state support for the AIC for 2018. Thanks to this decree, the agrarians understand how they will be able to curb the growth of the product cost in 2018.

The further price of chicken, again, will be affected by the UAH exchange rate, as well as the cost of production, including prices for electricity, fuel, wages, etc.

Recall that in 2017, Ukrainian poultry producers increased meat production by 3.5%, while beef production fell by 4.7%, and pork – by 2.3%. The export of Ukrainian meat to world markets has also increased due to poultry producers. The part of poultry meat in exports was 77% (271 thousand tonnes).

The main volumes in the Ukrainian production and export of poultry meat are provided by the company Myronivsky Khliboproduct, owned by Yuri Kosyuk.