One Tractor Army An Armored Tractor Is Able To Work In War Conditions

The new Reborack tractor, developed on the basis of the John Deere 6R tractor, is the only one in the world to have armor. It was created by Rebo, the John Deere dealer in Germany, known for its unconventional solutions. The project was supported by the German company Rheinmetall, which operates in the defense industry.

The tractor has been designed to work in contaminated areas, in areas of military conflict, and in areas where unexploded shells can occur on the ground.

Tractors are equipped according to NATO standards. The 6-millimeter armor and bullet-proof windows that can withstand the firing of 7.62 mm caliber weapons will reliably protect the driver in force-majeure circumstances, the manufacturer promises.

All glass armored panels are heated, thus avoiding their blurring and limitation of visibility.