Games Of Patriots Swedes Prefer Domestic Food

The largest part of Swedish consumers, up to 85%, agree to pay and overpay only for domestic food. In supermarkets, they prefer products grown in Sweden, even if on the next shelf there is the same quality foreign  production. Such information gives a recent study conducted by the Association of Swedish Grocers.

A preliminary study was conducted in 2014. Then those who supported the domestic producers with the Swedish krona were 4% less, reports Farmer.

Researchers explain this fact not only by the natural patriotism of the Swedes, but also by the implemented law on animal protection and the program for the intensive promotion of the national brands of food products “From Sweden”.

“A clear definition of national agriculture allowed consumers to make a reasonable choice of domestic products”, – say researchers.

A recent poll conducted by the association shows that traditional products of local production in the Nordic countries are 72% more popular than organic food products from abroad.

Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe. The annual income of the average family is more than $ 26,000.