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In South Korea, they decided to automate grafting of vegetable crops seedlings. The grafted seedlings will increase the resistance of plants to soil pathogens and pests, and will accelerate the growth of plants.

Grafting requires high qualification of personnel since it is carried out at an early stage of development of plants, in the phase of open cotyledons. At this moment, seedlings are very vulnerable, reports “AIC-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits”.

The creation of machine for plants grafting was made possible due to the emergence of new optical technologies. Machines and solutions for automation of growing seedlings are developed by the Korean company Helper Robotech. It also created systems for automatic seeding.

The robot’s optical camera photographs cuts of stocks and graftings. The program analyzes the image and drives the servomotor of the machine, which makes it possible to precisely combine both plants. Grafting accuracy is 0.01 mm.

Manual labor is needed only to put the stocks and graftings on the plant’s manipulators. The new machine is suitable for grafting both solanaceous and pumpkin crops. The development of Helper Robotech has already been purchased by the countries of the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North America.