Lettuce Growing Inside A Chamber Web

The north parts of Canada will now be able to grow a vegetable garden in greenhouse containers. The company from Ottawa has come up with a way to give the people of North fresh vegetables, all year round access because the delivery of products here has always been expensive, reports agroxxi.

The Growcer hothouses are built into 40-foot container carriers and combine hydroponic technology with precise climate control. It is completely automated and controlled remotely. The technology is capable of operating in the strictest conditions – up to -600C.

“We began to develop our technology with a specific idea – working with the northern regions, helping them to produce their own food,” says Cory Ellis, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of The Growcer.

As soon as the container arrives at its destination, the system connects to work.

“We get information in advance about what people want to grow and in what quantities, we load the data into the system, and when the container arrives, all that is required from the user is to connect the electrical and water supply,” says Ellis.

The container greenhouse uses a modular system. In one greenhouse, you can grow enough food for 110 people. That is, vegetables can be also grown for sale. There are up to 40 different vegetables, including eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, chili and sweet peppers. Farmers from the north are suggested to start with a basic set of simple herbs and salad.