Bayer has created a WEEDSCOUT, a mobile application that automates the process of identifying weeds in the field.

To recognize an unwanted plant, it’s enough to take a picture and add it to the program. The algorithm compares it with thousands of well-known images and shows the user weeds with the highest level of coincidence. If the agronomist does not have access to the Internet, he can take a picture of the plant and recognize it later.

“WEEDSCOUT is constantly evolving, we use community images to improve the algorithm, which will help determine the greater number of weeds at different stages of their growth, as well as optimize recognition rates”, the company said.

The app is available for Android and iOS. It can be used on a smartphone and tablet.

The need to automate the recognition of weeds has long confused professionals around the world. For example, German scientists from Escarda Technologies have developed a system that, using spectral sensors and software, recognizes unnecessary plants in the field and damages them with a laser.

Another invention was the Franklin Robotics startup. The inventors have developed a prototype of the “smart robot” Tertill, which goes to the patches and cuts off unnecessary plants. The algorithm of the device is simple enough – weeds are considered the lowest sprouts.